load test data directly into database?

I have seen a few questions on the forum the bulk load of data involving hundreds of thousands of records. I simply want a few dozen records for testing purposes. I have seen the flat file importer for csv files, an excel importer. And create app from data. Are these the best ways? I don’t want to create the app from data. Looking at the flat file importer docs, this seems to be for regular imports with the app. I don’t want that either.   Just want to upload some data outside of the app so that test data is already present when it is run.
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Hi John,


I typically use the Excel Importer module to import test/sample data I’ve created using https://generatedata.com/ It’s very straightforward to setup.





This gives you full control in mapping test/sample data into an existing domain model and also supports multi-worksheet data sets where you can define associations between related data if you have more complex test/sample data sets.


Regards, Steve.