Create QR Code that contains DataView Page and Object

hello community, I want to create a QR code that should lead an anonymous user to a page of my mendix application that contains a data view. Can I call an object in a data view page via a qr code? If so, with which module/widget can I create the QR? thanks for answers  
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You can use the page property ‘url’. Give it a string value ending with /{Id}

See for detail-information on that.

Generate the QR-code on any publicly visible page. Add a dataview containing your object as page parameter. Add a widget ‘QR-code’ from marketplace module ‘QR code widget’, assign it your object’s GUID (use community commons ‘getGUID to get that).


I am facing the same problem.
Maybe you can help me.
getGUID has an integer as return value. Generate QR requires a string. How did you solve this?