boolean radio button options in Dutch!!

Created a new page based on an entity that contains boolean attributes. And rather than “yes” / “no”, I have Dutch, “Ja”/”Nee”. Dutch is not in the languages list. I did add UK English to the list and removed US English which caused several errors of empty captions. (Obviously “save” in US English appears to have no equivalent in UK English ….) Can’t see a way of editing the text on radio buttons.   Just to add, when I actually run the app, though the radio buttons are present, there is no text next to each – not even “ja/nee”.  
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As none of the answers has been voted up yet, I’ll try to share my idea of a solution, as I saw this question while searching for my problem wich was changing language label for radio buttons.


In the App Explorer, open the App itself (where you can also change Settings, Security, Navigation...). Below the Navigation, you can find “System texts”. Here you can change the Text from for example Boolean Radio Buttons to the correct language you want. Be sure, that the language you want to change is selected (for me I have German as default and English as second. So in my german default language, the default text for booleans was “Yes” and “No” and here I was able to change it to “Ja” and “Nein”. I just changed the line

column ‘Category’ is ‘Client’, column ‘Item’ is ‘‘True’ translation’ and there I changed the column ‘Text’ from Yes to Ja. 


I decided to change the radio button to a checkbox as these are have it / don’t have it.
I let mendix create the page and it decided to use radio buttons. In fact I think checkbox is a more sensible choice.


Hello John

You can use enumeration to fix this and give it “Ja, nee ”

or if want to use boolean basically what you can do is to hide the label “yes, no” by scss class : 

.radio-john .radio label {

    display: none;


and then you can add text next to the radio check “ ja , nee “ 

so you have two option and this should works fine 


Hi John

Your question got bumped yesterday so I came across it.

Editing the labels on a radio button can be done via App Explorer pane > App > System texts > Client ‘true/false’.

Maybe for you or otherwise for someone else in the future a solution.


Hi John,

Have you tried batch replacing (Language > Batch Replace)? Just find “Yes” and “No” and change it to “Ja” and “Nee”. Word of caution, I think this will impact your app in general (not sure though...)