many - many with selector

we built an app for our students to show their progress of their current year. Since it was just for a pilot at first, a student could participate only in 1 class. Now I changed that to a many-many relationship since the student can progress to a 2nd year with different scoresheet (or can change from course but still want to be able to see his old results). A part of the screen here is: Before I could withdraw the class from the student, cause he could only have 1 class. Now I want somewhere on the page a dropdown/reference selector where the student can change his class and view the results he got when he was part of that class. Anyone got any suggestion how to get to this point with a many-many relation?
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A couple of ideas:

  • if you want to select a list of classes for a single student, you’ll need to use a reference set selector.  There are some of these included in the platform, also, I like the Label Selector you can find in the marketplace
  • if you want to select a single class and view results, you may want to add another association (reference, not reference set) which can be used to view details about a single class for a single student.  You could use the reference set to constrain the selectable objects in the reference selector so that the user can only pick from classes that the selected student is enrolled in

Hope that helps,