Access to inbuilt database

I am trying to add users to the database. The user consists of a person entity which is associated with the administrative.account entity. In my save microflow, I create a person object, populate it with info then create an account object, populate that with more details and the person object for the association. Is this right? There is no error in the logs so that suggests that all is well. But upon login, it is rejected. It would be useful to take a look in the db tables to see if anything has been written. Is there a way of doing that. Outside of mendix I would use something like dbeaver to get access. But not sure where the db is. I can see C:\Users\jnorris\Documents\Mendix\project-name\deployment\data\database\hsqldb\default but that has a generation script and propeties file. Can see my tables being created in the script but and some connectorbus messages in the log. DBeaver is set up to look at port 9001. Where I get connection refused message so do I need to authenticate? Is that the right port?  
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Hi John,

You can check the inbuilt database using the option Advanced → Show built-in database viewer from console. More information here.


If you’re using a different database such as postgres then you can access it via pgAdmin.