Auto numbers in out of sequence transactions!

Hi, I have the below scenario and i want to know how exactly auto number attribute works. Entity – Customer  Attribute – Address proof number Scenario:  1st transaction – Customer entity – Address proof – 1 got added(Lets say id is 70) 2nd transaction – Customer entity – Address proof- 2 got added(Lets say id is 72) Then without having the 2nd transaction information – I tried creating another transaction in between 1 and 2 Here when i created the customer entity (I will only have 1st transaction information) with the Address proof – 2 (71 is the assigned number) When i combine all the transaction the sequence was all set! How is it possible i.e., 70, 71, 72 How is that possible. Was that a random scenario? Would mendix use any other logic in order to generate the autonumber?  
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As you can read in the documentation, auto numbers are created by the database and incremented by one from the default value with each new object.