Add user name to menu with dropdown

I have seen this about displaying logged in user name in the navigation. And I added a snippet with a microflow that retrieves the user name. I created a layout grid (9/3) and put the main navigation menu in the 9 and my snippet contains the username and a menu document. But, of course, they are not linked as the menu document is not a submenu of the username. So what I would like is the two to be linked – the username to be a top level menu item that when clicked would show the submenu items. Is this possible?
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Hello John,

We have implemented a similar feature in our application recently. You can make use of the dropdownDivConverter widget. Configure the Datasource to be the Full name of the logged in user and place the navigation menu below the widget.


This is how it gets render on the UI with some custom CSS.


Hope this helps!

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Praharaj Mahaprasad Tripathy