Does MxAdmin and the demo users have an account record?

I have a Person entity associated with Account. I have an Admin role along with a Staff role. The staff can  self register, which creates a Person and linked Account. That newly created Staff Person can log in. After a successful login, I get the Account.FullName in a microflow and do a show message popup. For users that have registered I get a name. But for Mxadmin and the demo_ users, I get null. Similarly, if edit a user, a user created thru’ registration has an account record. The mciroflow shows an error message id the account is not found, and for mxadmin and the demo_’s – no account found. So if there are no account records the built in users, how they are they able to log in?
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The MxAdmin account never is an instance of Account, it is a User object. All Users are able to login to the application.

For the demo users you can decide whether they are an account object (which is a specialization of the User entity) under Security –> Demo users. Here you can decide per demo user whether it is an account or user. By default all demo users use the User entity.

This is the prompt where you can change between User / Account / other specilizations of User: