Condition in set item value in change item requires ELSE?

Am I right in thinking that an IF requires a corresponding ELSE in a microflow action? I have  if $Account/Blocked != $Account_2/Blocked then if  $Account/Blocked = true then $Account/BlockedSince = [%CurrentDateTime%] else $Account/BlockedSince = empty The error is “Mismatched input ‘<EOF>’ expecting ELSE If I must have a corresponding ELSE then is there a ELSE do nothing?
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Hi John ,


In Mendix, every if statement must end with an else statement.

So since you are using 2 if statements, you need to use 2 else statements as well.

As far as I know there is no "Do nothing" option. I can't say my suggestion is correct, but you can use something like this to solve your problem.

Instead of do nothing, you can use something like " 1=1" for example. I hope it works for you .I would be glad if you let me know after you try it.


“if $Account/Blocked != $Account_2/Blocked then
if  $Account/Blocked = true then $Account/BlockedSince = [%CurrentDateTime%]
else $Account/BlockedSince = empty

else 1=1”