How can I build dynamically generated pages in Mendix

My requirement is to build a dynamically generated page, where the admin will select what they want to add on the page and it will get reflected on the page automatically. For example, the admin will have the option to choose from uploading images, videos, files and adding data and then it should get reflected dynamically. We can take the example of Mendix academy pages, I don’t think they are static pages, my use case is to create a similar functionality.
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Hi Meghna,

You can use conditional visibility to dynamically show/hide page content.  This describes how to set this up with Studio, but the same features are also available with Studio Pro

I would create an entity that manages the page content visibility and associate it to a role or user depending on how you want the pages to appear to different users/personas.  You can then use this to dynamically show/hide page content using the mechanism described above.