Accessing role via the Account entity

This is down to my fundamental non understanding of how things are set in Mendix. I can see that the Account entity inherits from the system.user entity. And this User entity has an association to a UserRole. But more often than not, if I get Account objects via a list view and then display contents, I am unable to get to the UserRole name. I supposed I should be able to travese UserRoles association table and on to UserRole/name. In other circumstances I can get to role but I can’t see the pattern of when that works. Is it because User – UserRole is many to many and so ownership is not with User? If that is the case then is there a way of accessing the role(s) associated with the Account?
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The association retrieves a list of UserRole and hence you need to use a list view or data grid under your original list view to show the list. 

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