Create sitemap structure and deeplinks

Hello,   In the current situation it is not possible to optimize towards the best possible Google keyword ranking, as Mendix is using a one-page structure, therefore not allowing for a proper sitemap structure to be created. This means that is not possible for Google to properly map out the pages to index the website. Another issue is that is not possible to create a deeplink (having for example for being able to offer users direct links to specific pages.   We are currently considering using the SEO sitemaps and Deeplink module. Any tips related to these modules or any additional modules could help us.  Do you have any knowledge of any other ways of approaching these issues or do you know of any other Marketplace components that could help with this? To be mentioned that currently the application is built using Mendix 8.18.17.   Thank you in advance for any suggestions!   Tania Grama
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