Error during consumed webservice: cannot be updated, as it does not exist anymore

When invoking a published webservice I encounter the message: Caused by: com.mendix.systemwideinterfaces.core.UserException: Object of type 'BatchImport.Correction' with guid '60235645016092287' cannot be updated, as it does not exist anymore. The same microflows are processed when I proces a XML file based on the same domain model. in this case there is no error. when debugging the Published webservice, the input variable of the micorflow shows the BatchImport.Correction with the correct GUID. when retrieving a associated entity by assoiccation or from database this associated entity is not found, although you can see that the association are filled.
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Issue being solved. It appears to be a functional issue in a before commit event handler. The issued log message however wasn't displayed in the console.

so Issue closed