Delete persistent entity from native app

Hi mx-community, I am building a native application and building a functionality where the user can create and manage a list of their locations. This includes a button to delete a location. I'm struggling to find the intended way for making an nanoflow that deletes a persistent entity. Things I expected to work:          - Simply deleting the object like I do in a microflow. This fails because this action doesn't exist in nanoflows.     - calling a microflow that does the deletion for me. This fails because I'm not allowed to pass a persistent entity or a non-persistent entity linking a persistent entity to the microflow.      It feels like I'm missing an easy way. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
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if the object exists server side in a database, you can set a boolean on your object called ‘isDeleted’ with a default value of false. When you want to delete the object, set this to true and sync this data.

Created an AFTER COMMIT event handler for this entity that deletes the object when this boolean is set to true. In this way, everything is handled on the server and no conflicts can occur.

If you only need this list on the device it self, you might want to work with non persistables entities and store this in the async storage of the device using the ‘LocalStorage’ activities from the NanoflowCommons.