Password cannot be empty error during create user

I have seen forum question but I am not sure this applies here as that seems to apply to inheritance rather than association. So I have taken the example in “Creating App with Advanced Page Building” tutorial and changed just about everything (!!). Rather than link Person and Account via inheritance, I have used association. I have set up a page that uses a data view of AccountPasswordData / Account over association / Person over association having created these objects in the preceeding microflow. The page has a mixture of fields of person, account and passwords within the appropriate dataviews. Save is set to call a microflow which eventually calls the Administration.SaveNewAccount microflow. My microflow also has some show messages to see what is happening and display some values. Added show message to SaveNewAccount too. All of the fields are completed including the password/confirm fields. Press save. Immediately get error of “The password cannot be empty”. Next I get my show message box displaying the password. And then completed page is left on screen. I have implemented the same functionality using a non persistant registration entity but I know that is primarily for annoymous registration. So where is the empty password coming from? Why am I getting this? Regards,
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Apparently the password is empty. Question is; why is it empty. 

Just a few thoughts

  1. the password is overridden with an empty string from the AccountPasswordData object
  2. The password isn't set from the AccountPasswordData object
  3. The Account object is committed before the Password value is set


I would add a breakpoint in the save microflow, to track what is happening in your microflow