Mendix Invite API

I've build an application based from a template from the appstore with the AppCloudServices module. The SSO of the module is working perfectly and the profile information is retrieved from sprintr correctly. In the AppCloudServices module there is also the Invite API with a microflow that can be used: 'InviteUserToApp'. The implementation of the microflow just calls the Invite operation with the constants '@AppCloudServices.EnvironmentUUID' and '@AppCloudServices.EnvironmentPassword' which should be filled by the Mendixcloud automatically. When I try to invite someone I get an error: APP INFO Caused by: Invite not sent. Login failed The app is running in a sandbox and I don't see any documentation why this shouldn't work or isn't possible in a sandbox. Does anyone ever tried this and came with the same error? More important who has the solution?
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