Pushing Data from an External Source to Mendix (Webhooks? MQTT ?)

Hi all. I know that on a Mendix Application I can pull data from an external source having a MicroFlow doing an API Call to an external server. BUT, could I also send the data directly from an external party to a Mendix App ? This said differently, Can I have in a Mendix Application an HTTP Endpoint that could be used by an external party to send me WebHooks? Or can I for instance define an MQTT Client somewhere inside an Mendix Application so I receive the updates ? That would also work. Thanks a lot for sharing your expertise. Omar C
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You can publish a REST or SOAP webservice where other parties can send data to.

Publishing a Webhook would be similar to creating a published REST service and making the endpoint known at the external party.

Take a look at the docs for Publishing a REST service https://docs.mendix.com/howto/integration/publish-rest-service/