Cypress testing files in project

I would like to add cypress tests to the project. Do the files have to be outside in a seperate repository? Can they be stored in the project (I can add mendix artifacts to a folder but can’t see an option to add a text file). If they can be added to a project, how are they accessible outside of the project as everything is in the mpr file?
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Hello (this answer is late, but can be useful for others),


I prefer to create a folder called test in the mendix project folder tree. Inside the test folder, create a .gitignore file configured to avoid node files, so that everything is managed by one git repo (same of your mendix code):

npx gitignore node

then you can use Cypress with your mendix web app in the same way as any other web app.


You cannot see the Cypress files in Studio Pro. For that, you have to use VSCode.

Cypress files are not saved in the MPR file, similar as JS Styling files.


Please see this article for details

Mendix Test Automation with Cypress