id of element in webpage

I have a project called “John Community”. I have a popup page where someone can login. The page has username and password fields. The properties of the username show the name as ‘loginIdTextBox1’. When I run it, using the browser tools inspector (F12), if I burrow down to the field, the html is <input type="text" id="12.Community.login_Popup.loginIdTextBox1" class="form-control" tabindex="0" placeholder="" autocorrect="off" autocapitalize="none">. So the id is "12.Community.login_Popup.loginIdTextBox1". Is there a method for working out what the id will be when the properties of the element in studio pro show the name as ‘loginIdTextBox1’? Alternatively how do we get from ‘loginIdTextBox1’ to ‘12.Community.login_Popup.loginIdTextBox1’? And will this be a constant?
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Hi John,

You can use the widget Set Attribute