Need to show some data to same user role but different user

Hello, I have created a data grid and want to show the data present in that data grid to same user role but different user. For ex:- Suppose A1 (admin-user role) has put a case C1 from status S1 to S2. In S2 status that case should be visible/accessible to admin user role but not to A1 user because A1  has assigned it to S2 status. Other users (of admin role) can access it.  How can I achieve it? Please help me out. Its urgent.   Thanks in advance!!!
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I would probably suggest something like this:

- Store who moved case C1 from S1 to S2 in an association (e.g. to System.User Case_User_changedStatus or to Administration.Account Case_Account_changedStatus)

- Add an xPath on the DataGrid that contains something like:

[Status=’S1’ or

(Status=’S2’ and Case_User_changeStatus!=’[%currentUser%]')]

This will allow them to see all in S1 and only S2 if they are not the user who changed the status

- If only Admin user roles are allowed to see the entity  / data you set that on the Entity Access constraints