Should the url change as pages with an app are accessed

My app home page is http://localhost:8080/index.html?profile=Responsive when I open it from studio pro. After logging in, I can click on various menu links and go to new pages. But the url in the browser stays as above. Pages are protected by roles – so most pages require authentication to be able to access and within that are different pages for different roles. So is there a way for an authenticated/authorised user to go to a page directly?
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If the URL needs to be changed for different pages, then for each page, the URL property needs to be configured, so that when the user opens the respective page, URLwill be changed according to the page configuration.

Check the below link for reference

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A Mendix app is a single page app. Meaning that each page is rendered inside Index.html.

When you need a specific URL. You can configure this as described by bharathi. Which is limited to overview pages and pages w/o context. Pages with a top level data view need the object ID as key. Which is mostly unknown or unsafe. These can be unlocked using the deeplink module