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I got the toplist widget to show some TOP5 and TOP3 selections in a nice way. However, I find that I am NOT able to select my "ranking" atributes (which are integer and/or float values), but only see String and Date variables from my Entitiy to List. This kinda makes it hard to present my top-selections. Is this a bug ?? Example: Entity Diagnostic Category - Code - Description - Number of actual diagnoses in category - Total length of diagnostics for category last two fields are floats and are calculated as part of a scheduled nightly proces When I create a toplist now I simply want to present it sorted on one of the floats, showing the category description and the actual representative number But the floats dont show, and from the answer below do I correctly assume I need to connect the toplist to a Dataset instead of an Object ??
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Based on your example: - Link the toplist via "Entity to list" to Entity "Diagnostic Category"; - What you want to show in the list via "Attributes to show" - The ranking can be done via a combination of "sorting" and "constraint".

I indeed noticed you are not able to select floats for sorting and show (I used integers and based my previous answer on that). Option is to add an additional attribute in the Entity Diagnostic Category to display the float as integer or string or request a change.


Hi Lex,

Float is not one of the attribute types that is supported by the TopList.

Let me just fix that right now ;)

Edit: The new 1.2.1 version on the AppStore now supports Floats for sorting and display. Leave a review or a comment here if you think it needs anything else.