Changing MendixSSO user display names

I have a function that sends emails to my users, this function basically checks a list of users we have with the list of MendixSSO accounts then when it finds a match takes the email of their MendixSSO account and sends the email. The problem I’ve ran into with this is not all of my users signed up with their full name when creating their Mendix account, most of the time they inputed their nickname or shorten version of their full name. I assumed that your MendixSSO account info was just take from your Mendix account. I tried to get the users that are getting this error to change their name in their mendix account,  logged out, closed browser and cleaned cache. I then redeployed the app but the MendixSSO account name never updated. Is there any way to change a MendixSSO account display name?
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Have you tried using IVK_DeleteMendixSSOUser or just delete them from the UserOverviewSnippet? This will delete the userobjects in your system. They will still be able to log in, since the objects in your app are nothing more than a copy.