Runtime for JavaScript

Hi Mendix Developers, It may be a silly question but I am currently developing a web application mainly using JavaScript actions. And I felt that JavaScript actions take more runtime than microflows and nanoflows even though it is in the same process. I understand it depends on the project, but do you think using microflows and nanoflows saves more runtime than JavaScript actions in general? Thank you! *When I use JavaScript actions to run my application, the browser shows an unresponsive message. But it is not when using microflows and nanoflows that have the same algorithms as the JavaScript actions. So it can be my JavaScript code is inefficient but I was curious that it is really so or not.
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all the activity in nanoflow is pre-build  JavaScript actions, so if you write a   JavaScript action that contains the same code as the default  JavaScript action the performance must be the same. 

note: Nanoflow is running on the client-side (in the browser)   and the microflow running on the server side so the JavaScript actions will not affect the performance on the server side.  


What do you define as runtime?

Microflows run at the application server. In the app runtime. And are executing java. Nanoflows run in the client and execute javascript. 

So these are incomparable. Except that the runtime they consume is different and thus have a different impact on where performance is affected. 

Using your own javascript action. Dont have insight if they consume more then the defaults of mx. But in general, I would stick to the default, unless; I need something which isnt available by default or I would use a custom Jscript action in a cause the default doesnt perform and by (re)writing I gain performance (only if really really needed)