How to Setup Graph in mendix.

I am working on voting application. where i have taken total 7 items to vote. After vote  i have to show the voting result in graph form. so i want to know how to setup this items in graph form.
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Hi Soham,

Graphs, in general, can be displayed using the chart widgets. 

You can simply select your desired graph type from this list. How the chart (graph) data is displayed, will be based on your data structure (or domain model).

You can customise your charts using the Plotly documentation (Plotly (JavaScript)) and the “Advanced”-tab of your charts. A sample of how this will look is as follows:

        "type": "date",
        "tickformat": "%A",
        "dtick": 86400000
    "margin": {
        "b": 25,
        "r": 5,
        "t": 5
    "legend": {
        "orientation": "h",
        "y": -0.2

I would also recommend you check out the docs here: Charts | Mendix Documentation

Hope it helps!



Take a look at the Charts, Any chat widget documentations

Hope it helps!!!