Studio Pro 9.13.0 Native-How to edit/mask uneditable Text Input Box Entity Retrieval Results

A string is being stored as: 12 34 ABCDEFGHIJKL How can I show to the user only the “ABCDEFGHIJKL” portion of the element? (Like using a mask which is not available to “Native”)   Scenario: 5 Reference Selectors (Can’t change the relationship to many to many) When user makes selection, do not want value to disappear when ref sel 2-5 is changed.   Ya I know, I must have goofed at the database design level but the train is so far down the track that if I try to change the relationship everything goes fooee.
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Community commons has a string split function, which returns a list of strings based on a regex.

For example, if you where to split your string using a space as a delimiter, you would get a list with :





Maybe this can help you in showing the correct portion of your string? (depends if the portion you wish to show is always the third element in the resulting list,..)


A different approach might be: 


find(12 34 ABCDEFGHIJKL, ‘[a-z]’) which will return a position in an integer.

Do the same with findlast(12 34 ABCDEFGHIJKL, ‘[a-z]’) and then substring the value in between. You might wanna use capital letters instead of lowercase (or just use the tolowercase function first)


Hope this helps!