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Hi,   I want to record email communication between users while they are working on an issue. We have a specific mailbox which can send email to external users and External users reply back to that mailbox(Generic email). All we want to record communication between mailbox and external users for specific issue and capture communication in that Issue. Is it possible to achieve and how?   Thanks, Best Regards, Azharuddin Khan
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Hello Azharuddin,


Is the email that is send out to the External users the Mendix application, or just any application )like Outlook). If the answer is Mendix, you should record the outgoing messages from Mendix and the incoming messages using a Marketplace module like:


If the source of the mail is not Mendix, you need an additional tool or to adjust a setting on your current mail server. . Look for an REST API to retrieve the emails that were sent out.


Warning: in many countries, it is forbidden by law to tap the emails and record them.  There are some great examples where you can record meta data on the emails without recording the content. See and the sentiment detector.


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