How to convert decimal 0 to string N/A

Hello all, I am new at mendix and working on one project the requirement is like example. Amount decimal attribute is there. If that amount is greater that 0 then then amount should be print if the amount is less than Or equal to 0 then N/A should be print on page.  But in false side it saying that end should be decimal if I provided string value to false side and decimal to true side. How can I resolve thiss issue. 
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Hi Priyanka,


On the page where you want to display amount value, create two text widgets, one is to display amount value other one is to display NA.


For the first one, add conditional visibility like if amount is > 0 then display amount text widget


For the second one, add conditional visibility like if amount = 0 then display NA text widget


Multiple ways to do this. Here is one: Place two containers on your page and set their visibility based on $YourDigit>0 and $YourDigit<=0. In the first container you add your digit. In the second container a textfield ‘N/A’.