How to implement MFA?

Hi, I have created an app with a custom login page and logic, and it is working fine. Now, I want to implement MFA over it. I have investigated that the MFA module is available. I have gone through the document and configuration but I am not able to build flow and logic to implement MFA. Please help me to understand following steps:  Change SUB_MFA_UserDisabledCheck to call your logic to determine if the logged-in user needs to be multi-factor authenticated. Add the new attributes HasMFAenabled(Boolean)and LastLogin2FA (DateTime) to the Account entity.  Add your method(s) of multifactor authentication in SUB_ValidateMFAforUser:  3 samples available: · Google Authenticator connector o Module download: o Google Play Store: o Apple App store: · SMS o Change SUB_InformMFACodeForUser to send the SMS o Send an SMS with for example Twilio: o Try Twilio here: and create an API key on · Email verification with code to verify o Change SUB_InformMFACodeForUser to send the e-mail o Use default Emailtemplate module or Sendgrid API for example to compose this e-mail to your user.
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