Datagrid preventing show page?

Hi all, I have a strange situation. I create a object via microflow and at the end of that microflow there is a 'show page’ with that object to pass. If I run the microflow, it will do everything correctly, accept showing that page. It is just showing a waiting screen with something like ‘please wait’. If I go to a overview page and open that just made object, it will show me the page that I want to go to. After some digging, the problem seems to be 2 data grids that are on that page with a data source via association. And apparently this is preventing it to trigger the ‘show page’. I fixed it with setting the data source of those data grids to microflow and everything works now. But still I am curious why specific the data grid with data source ‘association’ is blocking the 'show page' activity. Hope somebody has an answer to this!
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Hi Joep,
When using the 2 datagrids did you get an error message? 
There might be an issue with security rights that denied you to go to the page. The microflow data source can bypass this check.