Difference between list view and data grid?

Can anyone please explain me what is the difference between list view and the data grid?
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An Entity is a collection of objects that can be viewed in UI by table format called Datagrid(As simply data in grid format).It will allow specific search functionality of an attributes,default sort,Export to excel,CRUD operations on objects,etc

While the same set of objects showed in List format in UI specifies List View.
it also has common search functionalities, Scroll option



Hi Pratiksha,

The datagrid is a table in which each row shows an object of an entity and the columns show the value of an attribute. In a list view you also get a list of entities, but you have more flexibility in what you show on the rows itself, allowing you greater freedom in what to show and how to show it.

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Hi Pratiksha Morey

          Both data grid and list view shows a list of objects , the main difference between datagrid and list view is a data grid shows a list of objects in a table format( rows and  columns),while  a list view shows a list of objects. For example, you can display a list of all profiles:In a list view each object is shown using a template. This template is defined by placing widgets inside the list view’s drop-zone.


Hope this helps!