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Hi, I've created a script to do some nice stuff with the (old) SDK. I want to upgrade it to the new SDK that works a little bit different.   Getting client and app is ok. But I want to get the info from the repository to know whether it uses SVN of Git. I see that this should be done by getting the Repository en get the Info from that. I have tried this:   [code] const repo = app.getRepoistory(); const inf = await repo.getInfo(); log(inf.type); [/code] Somehow getting the info doesn't work as expected for me. The repo.getInfo() will return a Promise, so I use await, but that doesn't wait (it seems). When I log “inf” I see that it is a pending Promise. What is the correct way to get the info of the repository?   Sven.
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Hi Sven,

I was confusing a few things, I currently have it like this:

    const app = await client.getApp(appid);
    const repo = app.getRepository();
    const info = await repo.getInfo();

and it seems to work just fine:

I think the issue is in part of the code that you didnt add to the question