Listen to widget with error message

Hi, I would like to display additional data when users click on a row in a data grid. For this purpose I have: - data grid A - data view listening to data grid A - data grid B within the data view All data grids/views have a microflow as data source and all entities are non-persistable as the data is coming from an external source.   When a row in data grid A is clicked, a microflow is triggered to fetch data from an external source and displayed in data grid B. This works with a single click on a row in data grid A.   With a double click on a row in data grid A, some input parameters for the microflow seem to get lost (why?) and data grid B is empty. A single click again on data grid A again and the correct data appears again.   Is there a way to “disable” a double-click on data grid A? I played around with the settings and only “select first + single selection + double click” seem to work, all other combinations are either not allowed or with “no selection” nothing happens at all.
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Hi Erwin,

It is default behavior of data grid. when you set single click, at first click it select’s the object, at 2nd click it deselects the object and same for double click.