How do I retrieve data from a attribute to display in a chart?

Hi,   I’m new to mendix and im having issues trying to display information in a chart.   Lets say I have an entity called ‘example’ with an attribute ‘status (enumeration)’ this attribute enumeration has 3 possibilities; ‘preparation’, ‘shared’ and ‘finished’. I want to display the amount each has been chosen so for example; preparation has 2, shared 1 and finished 3. I would want to take this information and display it on a chart; a bar chart, pie chart etc.  Right now I have made a microflow with a retrieve list and an aggregate list which counts the total amount and displays the total amount which is obviously not what im trying to do here. I would appreciate some help thank you:)
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Hi Guohoa, 

Please follow the below steps

For example, I am going to show the count of students based on exam result.

Step 1 : Create a Non-Persistable entity like below

Step 2:  Create a page which has a pie chart widget 

Step 3:  Add the below configuration details for pie chart widget

Link the microflow which calculates the values here in microflow parameter.


Step 4 DS Microflow which will calculate values 



In the change object, I am mapping values for pass result like below.

In the create object, I am mapping the values for fail result like below. 

The Output will be like this 

I hope this will helps you.