How to change the background image of the app with a variable via the app itself

Hi everyone!   So I am working with some custom CSS for an app, specifically adding a background image in the ‘body’ class which can then be applied to all the pages. I added the file in the public folder, and called this file in the ‘body’ class. It works fine as is, however, now I would like to be able as an administrator to change the background image of the app. Therefore, I can only see it happening in two ways, none of which I would know how to implement: - Upload the image in the app directly (just like a header image or something like that) and make that the background image of the pages - Change a variable in the admin panel of the app that can be linked to different background images in the css files Does anyone know how to go about this? Thank you in advance :)
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Check out CssClassSwitcher and Dark Theme – Dark Reader (Demo: )


These might be at least a good starting point