StudioPro 9.14.1 Native-How to search an Entity Attribute to assign to a different Entity Object Attribute

Scenario  *****Important: Apply only to Native Page(s) Desire to search  item master descriptions via some kind of type-ahead widget to assign user selection to a sales order detail line i.e. As you add more characters to the string, gives a list of wild card matches (contains) Example: Start typing into some kind of widget "Tomoato" and a list to select from is returned that has: "Crushed Tomatoes" "Diced Tomatoes" "Stewed Tomatoes" <-Desired value to be selected and assigned to a sales order detail line "Tomato Soup" (If "Stew" was entered then only "Stewed Tomatoes" would be available for selection) Do not want to type and have to press a Search or other type of button
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Hi Rosewater,

Check out this excellent how-to by Lennart Spaans:

How to create Search Functionality for Native Mobile in minutes! | by Lennart Spaans | Mendix Community | Medium