Video playback timeout

Hello all,   We are facing an issue with Chrome & Edge browsers running our app in the Mendix cloud (Firefox & Safari seem fine). We have a page with multiple videos on it, what you see below are the videos, thumbnails (PosterURL) generated from the first frame of the video and (preload=none) form page loading performance:   We’ve noticed (in Chrome/Edge) that the 3rd/4th large video we play causes the app to hang. We seem to be hitting a size cache limit threshold whereby we can no longer complete the downloading of a video nor download any other video on the page. If we refresh the browser and play much smaller videos they play fine (presumably because we’ve not reached the size limit)   The errors we see in the browser are:   and in the logs:   If I select small videos to play all seems fine:     However, when I choose larger videos we hit the error eventually: Can any explain what is going on with Chrome/Edge, and does anyone know if this issue can be resolved?   Regards Adrian
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