Using Nginx as Proxy only...

Hi,  We are in the process to setup Mendix on Red Hat. We are using M2EE, but we are wanting to know why, we can’t have Nginx on it’s own server and M2EE another server.  We want to do that, so that Nginx is in our DMZ, and the M2EE in production on prem area.  Nginx Proxy Host → | M2EE Apps server 8080 I have an upstream like this  upstream myapp {         server;         server;         keepalive 8;  } But I am having issues this  root /srv/mendix/myapp/web/ Right now I don't have that on the proxy server, so how could I call back to M2EE app, or does it have to be on the proxy server? If it has to be on local server, does it matter if I change the root name to something like  root /srv/mendix/localpagesmyapp/web/ This is so that Nginx can host virtual page. Or I am missing something?
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