DOCTYPE is disallowed when the feature...

When calling a REST service and mapping with an XML Schema, I’m getting an error “com.mendix.modules.microflowengine.MicroflowException: The XML could not be parsed. DOCTYPE is disallowed when the feature "" set to true.”   I saw a post from a few months ago saying this was a bug that would be fixed in 9.13, but it seems to still be around. Anyone know a fix for this?   Thanks, Jared
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The error from a few months ago was indeed a similar error, but that bug was related to the generation of a document using the Generate Document microflow action.

The reason that you get this error with an XML schema is that there is a security vulnerability concerning that, from the release notes from Mendix Studio Pro 7.23.6:

  • We fixed an issue in XML import mappings. We no longer allow DOCTYPE declarations in the XML input, because that is potentially unsafe. ​