building blocks documentation

Is there any place to find documentation for all (or even each) of the building blocks?   For example, exactly how does the master detail work? Cards? etc.
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Check the Atlas UI page and it will show when and how to use

Get more information on each element using Get help icon in studio

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That helps and I will accept the answer because you answered my original question. But first, it still does not go all the way to resolving what I need. The Atlas UI answered what a Master/Detail is and it appears obvious as to how to use it.

Very interesting with the information button in Studio – it’s not there in Studio-Pro (which, of course, is what a mostly use). I clicked Master/Detail and t appears the link is an almost working version of the Atlas UI page. 

The use of most of the items is intuitive. However, what is not intuitive is, of course, what I need help with. When I click the Atlas UI “Chart Column Grouped” I see an example of what I need. When I click the Bar Chart button (hoping to find out exactly how to get the chart) it takes me to a page that again shows what I want but gives no details as to HOW to get it.


Thanks Mike. Trying (for now) to avoid Any Charts as it requires JSON and “coding.” So far I can legitimately say my app is no-code (big effort, but technically no code). May have to give in and do some “low-code.” Also, earlier today I noticed I may need dynamic rather than static on the OOTB chart. Need to dig deeper into documentation to figure out what goes where for that. Gave up on initial effort as it wanted something not available in the interface box. Will re-visit it with greater attention to detail (and read instructions more carefully).

In a perfect world there would be samples. Any Charts has OOTB samples - the data and formatting is in the properties. So if I have to resort to coding I at least have models to follow.