How to add Signature Image in a PDF File at specific location

Hello Experts, I have a requirement where there is a image stored in the database, I have to fetch the image from the data base and have to place it inside the pdf. NOTE : Place to add the signature image in the pdf document is already defined by the specific user by adding some annotations (Example : Please add the signature here or Approver or Manager). Note that , Signature element is dynamic it change position in different different PDF. So all I have to do is to fetch the signature image from db and should place it inside the pdf at specific location. How I can figure out the place which I need to add a signature. How I can insert it into the pdf in the defined zone.   Answers are really much appreciated, Thanks in advance.  
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Take a look at the Signature module in Mendix Marketplace

Also, check the below forum link for reference

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If the signature image is in PDF format then you could use the OverlayPDFDocument action from the Community Commons module in the marketplace.

As it’s an overlay it does need to be in the same position which would mean you creating a few versions of the signature depending on where you need it on page, or changing your document template so the signature appears in a fixed position.

I know it’s not exactly what you need, but I hope it helps.


Hi Arunkumar Jaganathan,

try to use PDFWatermarkandLogo module available in Marketplace