How to do specific Bar Chart

Can someone coach me on how to get the results I want? Looking at this Create a Dynamic Series Chart | Mendix Documentation it appears the only option for the Y axis is a numeric value. I tried the Atlas UI pages and when I click the Atlas UI “Chart Column Grouped” I see an example of what I need. When I click the Bar Chart button (hoping to find out exactly HOW to get the chart) it takes me to a page that again show what I want but gives no details as to HOW to get it. This is the kind of chart I want:   However, the chart widget will only allow a numeric values for the Y axis. In the example above there are two alpha items for the Y axis: Day of the week and High/Medium/Low and the numeric value is on the X axis. I’m trying to use OOTB functionality with entity data. Where can I find documentation (or examples) as to how to make it work? If that won’t work, do I have to bite the bullet and create JSON data and use Any Chart?  
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You can use the Anychart widget, the module also has building blocks with sample data. 

For grouped bar chart check the JSON sample here




I should have updated my post. The simple answer was that I needed a series for each bar. I was able to get it to work without using Any Chart (and therefore avoided JSON). 

Next goal will be to figure out how to make it dynamic.