Displaying MQTT subscription values in a list view - values not updated

I’m trying to display my sensor data that i receive via MQTT on a page with the listView widget. I’m receiving the data as a JSON format so i’m using import mapping to update my non-persistable entity. The Subscription works and the data is received as i can see it in the log… still somehow i can’t see it in my listView so at some point i’m did a mistake but i struggle to find it   This is my microflow that gets called when i receive a message. It takes the Input Variable “Payload” that is a JSON-format containing my CO2 sensor value.   the mapping looks like this (nothing special just one variable...) (not sure if the name “Root” is an issue here) The JSON structure for the mapping looks like this The button towards the page that shows the data creates the the object “CO2” (maybe thats the issue causing the problem but i’m not sure) And at last the dataView where i want to display the CO2-Value.   If anyone can point me at the mistake why the value is not displayed when i’m receiving incoming messages i’d be very grateful!
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Hi Tim Völcker,

 I have gone through your issue, As you have used non persistable entity it will not storein database it will store it in menory ony. Follow the blew steps to resolve

  1. Change your CO2 entity as persistable both in domain model and in import mapping.
  2. In list view don’t create object- not needed as we create objects while importing
  3. Call a page with list view and configure CO2 entity as datasource

Follow these steps you will able to see the data in list view