DeepLink s not working for project members

Deeplink http://localhost:8080/link/test?mmsId=12345 which I created is working for me and  provided user roles and calling microflow to check whether it is Deeplinked or not and created link is stored in my local db but data is not reflecting in others local db due to that  after I committed my changes others who try to open that link getting below error This localhost page can’t be found No webpage was found for the web address: http://localhost:8080/link/test?mmsId=12345 HTTP ERROR 404 can anyone suggest where I am missing ??
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HI Mamatha Prasad,
Did you commit your Data snap Shot?
If it is added in the commit. Your Project member should follow the below steps.

Take the latest update and open App Directory. There will be a file. Extract the Zip file, Copy the Data folder, and replace it with the Data folder inside the Deployment Folder of the project.

Hope it helps.