how to use ?

0{         nanoflow: this.Test2     });   using it to call a nanoflow and getting below error.     mxui.js?637931696298386074:66 Error: An error occurred while executing an action of  Module.Module.actionButton3: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'Test2')     at mxui.js?637931696298386074:68:120686     at we (mxui.js?637931696298386074:24:6501)     at i (mxui.js?637931696298386074:24:6402)     at x (mxui.js?637931696298386074:66:5472)
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This is a standard JavaScript error; It seems the Test2 property doesn’t exist on the this parameter. Either debug with your browser to see what properties the ‘this’ parameter does have or add console.dir(this) before the nanoflow call to trigger a browser console message showing the full contents of the ‘this’ parameter.