How to display items in a list view based on customer group?

Hi All, Would love to hear any suggestions for this!  I need to create 3 different kinds of customer groups (they will indicate what customer group they belong to when they sign up for an account). The customer group will be stored as an Enumeration attribute in the customer entity.   I have products shown in a list view, and I need to display different products for different customer groups. A product can be shown for one or more kinds of customer groups. A product may not be visible for a particular customer group as well, but visible for the rest.    How do I display products in the list view based on the requirements above? Thanks all, would love to hear any suggestions!! :)
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Hi Phoeba,

  1.  Don't customer group in customer entity itself you can have it as a seperate entity and maintain 1-many association between customer group entity and customer entity.
  2. Have 1-many association with product and customer group, so that while creating a product , you can multi-select the customer group to those it should be visible
  3. At last, you can have DS microflow for product list view where you can retrieve current customer, customer group and product associated with customer group and return the list.

HI Phobe,

You can add a dataview  in the page where you retrieve the entity in which the customer group is stored.

The data view will have Datasource microflow.  The add a List view/Datagrid inisde the Dataview and then you can add xpath where Groupname=$ParentDataviewObject/Group.