How to check user role after user login

Hi, I have some questions about user login. Is it possible to trigger a microflow to check: User role name Number of concurrent user of that user role at the moment of user log in Check non-active user in the system Delete that user session Is there any option to edit the system module? It will give developer more freedom to build applications that meet business requirements. Thank you in advance! Panayu
1 answers
  1. Yes, the 'homeform' (in the navigation config) can be a microflow, which checks the userrule (which can be retrieved by using the $currentuser
  2. I guess that is not possible
  3. A simple query on users with constraint [active = false()] will suffice
  4. Non active users cannot have a session.

Hmm, point 3 and 4 sound like you want to automatically logout users which are AFK (away from keyboard)? The server cannot detect this since the browser will send a KeepAlive request once in a while.