while creating user rle

while creating login page...in security after clicking production it showing entity incomplete...how to overcome..explain step by step
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Hi , Vignesh

'Entity Access Incomplete' yellow box means When you turn on production access, the platform now lets you set up access rules for all your entities.

This yellow warning means that there are some entities in the domain model that have NO access rules applied.

step1:- In the below image you can that I have three incomplete access for 3 modules that is data widget, OIDC etc.

Step 2:- to overcome from this I will give access rules to the particular entity if it's necessary

now how to analyze which entity, in the top image you can see 1st module name that is data widget go to this modules entity and open that entity

Now in this entity property you can see one tab that is access rule, give access to it as per your need and now you will see the results


I hope this will help you!


Hi Vignesh,

Open Security→ Module status, double-click on row where incomplete is displayed. Make sure every userrole have entity access.

Hope this helps!