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Hello Experts, Please help me to understand Mendix license model clearly. As a enterprise we want to create multiple custom applications, as per Mendix license model have to pay fixed price per selected plan like Basic, Standard and Premium. Apart from the fixed cost for the plan, there is an additional charge for no. of users using your application. I have couple of questions with relate to no. of. users cost, please provide your inputs based on your experience.   Let’s assume I have selected standard plan, going to create 3 custom applications and user base is around 500. If the users are common for all 3 applications, what will the no. of. users cost ? 3 apps * 500 users - 1500 users *  app cost 3 apps * same 500 users - 500 * app cost  After 2 months launch of application, user base is reduced to 450. what will be the cost per application from 3rd month? 1 app * 500 users - 500 * app cost 1 app * 450 users  – 450* app cost Thanks in Advance. Kind Regards, Manikandan S
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Hi Manikandan Sakthivel,


Please refer to the below, 


For more details please contact the Mendix Support Team 





Do not forget the Unlimited Apps option.

Monthly costs are 3 Apps for standard plan: 3*800 = 2400 euro, 3 times 500 users times 10 euro: 15000 euro. So a total of 17400 per month.

If you select the Unlimited Apps option: that is 2000 per month and 25 per user per month12500. Total is 14500 per month.


But you best talk to a sales representative of Mendix about this. Just go to and ask them.