Sorted list in webservice response does not work

I have migrated an application from Mendix 3.2.1 to Mendix 5.16.1. In this application I have a consumed webservice for handling scanner requests. One of the webservice requests is used to return a sorted list of depots to a scanner. The list is retrieved from the database, sorted on depot name, and is linked to the response message. When I check the result on the scanner, the list is not sorted. When debugging the request, I can see that the list is correctly sorted, but is no longer sorted when I trace the webservice in the server log. This webservice has always worked properly in Mendix 3.2.1 but apparently not in Mendix 5. Is anybody else familiar with this issue and if yes, were you able to solve it?
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Issue has been solved. Problem was caused by the fact that I was using a list of persistent objects. We solved it by replacing this list with a sorted list of non-persistent objects.